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Oct 2005: Mobile-Data-UK enhance MTS with the implementation of priority queues ... Enhancements to Mobile-Data-UK Mobile Transaction Server includes an implementation of priority queues. This extends its use to less time critical functions such as Inventory gathering, Software Distribution and Background Data Distribution.

Jun 2005: Mobile-Data-UK Toolkit includes Bluetooth Printing ....
Recent enhancements to the Mobile-Data-UK core toolkit include Bluetooth Printing. This allows sending images such as maps to a phone and printing in a vehicle.

Apr 2005: Mobile-Data-UK Adds GPS to its core toolkit.
The Mobile-Data-UK Generic Forms Engine and core toolkit is extended to allow inclusion of GPS positional location data using bluetooth or integrated devices.

Jan 2005: Mobile-Data-UK Extends Generic Forms Engine with new Data Elements.
The MobileDataUK Generic Forms Engine is extended to include additional data elements, including Photo capture, Address Lookup, Cell Based Location Details and Server query.

Aug 2004: Mobile-Data-UK Releases Mobile Data Toolkit (MDTK).
Version1 of MDTK provides a modular approach to the design of Mobile Applications. MDTK Comprises Server side and Client side modular components that can be plugged in to provide a bespoke application in record time. Current modules include login services, database services, queue services, push messaging, address lookup and synchronous server request.

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