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Nov 2006: Alerting Tool added to Audits and Inspections....
Extension of Auditing and Inspecting Tool to generate alerts via Email or SMS. Alerts can be generated based on Audit or Inspection content and distributed to configurable groups.

Jun 2006: Mobile-Data-UK add Auditing and Inspecting System to their range of end to end solutions....
Mobile-Data-UK hosted solutions now includes a complete service for Auditing and Inspecting. This allows audits or Inspections to be completed using either Mobile Phone, PDA or Web. Completed audits and Inspections are viewed and reported on using a Server side console.

Jan 2006: Mobile-Data-UK extend Server side capability to include hosted Job Management System ....
Mobile-Data-UK now provide a fully hosted, fully configurable Job Management System that allows complete end to end management of your field force.

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