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Dec 2007: Mobile-Data-UK awarded new contract by North West Utility consortium.
The new Health and Safety and Quality Management Audit System will cover United Utilities, Balfour Beatty Utility and MorganEst Utility. The MobileDataUK Mobile Audit System forms the backbone to ensure compliance for the Utility Partners £3billion AX4 Programme.

Nov 2007: Electricity Utility Extends SHE Audit System ....
Northern UK Electricity provider extends its Safety, Health and Environmental ( SHE ) Audit System to include contractors. Mobile-Data-UK assisted with question sets and additional reporting.

Oct 2007: Mobile-Data-UK awarded contract to provide Mobile Solution for Tree Cutting Surveyors. United Utilities Electricity have 165,000 Poles supporting their Electricity Distribution network. Foliage encroaching on the Power lines must be surveyed and cutback to prevent accidents and power outages. Mobile-Data-UK Mobile Solution has been chosen to capture survey information using Mobile Phones.

Jul 2007: New contract for Job Despatch awarded to Mobile-Data-UK

Apr 2007: Mobile-Data-UK Audits solution now includes a fully configurable reporting engine that allows generation and distribution of graphical reports.

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