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MDUK-Audits solution provides a complete Audit solution to manage SHE and Quality Management Audit requirements.
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MDUK-Jobs solution allows dispatch of Jobs and capture of status information using Mobile Phones, Blackberries and PDA’s.
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Provides a reliable, timely and consistent method of capturing and recording field data. Solutions are available for a wide range of data collection requirements using existing mobile devices

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Email Alerts are used within the MDUK-Audits systems to notify managers that they have a non compliance that they must deal with. The manager is actioned with attending to a none compliance on a site or relating to an individual and then closing the non compliance action on the MDUK-Audits Console. Email Alerts are typically used within MDUK-Jobs systems to send details of Jobs approaching SLA thresholds to allow escalation.

Email Notifications are used within MDUK-Audits systems to send copies of Audits to Auditors and Managers for information.

GPS Location Capture Capture GPS information from GPS capable PDA's or using Bluetooth connected devices information.

SMS Alerts are used within MDUK-Audits systems to generate important alerts such as when a high severity non compliance causes work to be halted. SMS Alerts are typically used within MDUK-Jobs system to alert users when assigned jobs have not been actioned and are approaching SLA targets.

MDUK-Reports graphical report generator allows creation of graphical reports such as bar charts or pie charts. Results sets may be filtered, ordered and grouped by criteria such as date ranges. This allows quick identification of performance and problem trends. MDUK-Reports may be saved and scheduled to run at suitable times such as first thing Monday morning and will deliver reports directly to your Email Inbox.

Photo Attachments may be captured and attached to any Job, Audit or Audit non compliance. File sizes may be limited to keep mobile data costs under control.

Signature Capture - useful for proof-of-delivery or acceptance of audit findings.

Barcode / RFID tag Scanning - useful for inventory capture or capturing installed components such as meters.

Sketch Tool - allows capture of a freehand sketch from the field which can be captured on top of an existing diagram such as map or plan.

Auto-Dial of Phone Numbers - allows a phone number associated with a job or list item to be auto-dialled, making life easier for field personnel who need to call before heading to site.

List Based Selections and pattern matches are used to store large lists on the Mobile Device and user to select from matching list items. This may be used to store lists such as Employees, Managers, Sites, Part Codes, WoodPoles etc. Selection from a list ensures that the data quality and reporting is to the highest standard.

Remote Over the air installation - applications may be installed, upgraded and diagnosed remotely without the need to attend to the device. This allows us to easily support users across the whole of the UK or Europe

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