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United Utilities Clean Water Audits: MDUK- Audits

John Prout, Clean Water Manager, United Utilities said "What has changed is the flexibility and ownership we now have of the whole audit process. Question sets are standardised and changed by ourselves if need be and we have the confidence that all of our auditors out in the field are utilising the most up to date question set. We can see instantly the non-compliances, how long they are being taken to action and importantly those that are still outstanding. The sophisticated reporting system provided as part of the MDUK system provides a variety of reports on all aspects of the audit findings, which can be downloaded directly into our management reports. It took only a couple of months to implement and did not require lengthy or complex integration with our internal systems. The auditors have had no problem using the system and it has given us the confidence crucial in our industry to ensure audit information is visible, reliable and up to date."

As with the majority of audit and Inspection systems, the previous United Utilities Clean Water audit process did not provide the flexibility and accuracy needed in their rapidly changing and demanding environment. Increasing H&S concerns, commitment to workforce and customer care meant that reliable audit and Inspection data collected on work-gangs in the field was paramount.

To support their multi million pound service contracts, United Utilities focussed on sourcing a flexible mobile system for use by auditors in the Clean Water sector, which would produce reliable H&S data, and accountability trails for outstanding actions MobileDataUK were contracted with providing a complete mobile audit system to capture data from a diverse range of audits. These Audits are conducted by United Utilities on employees, lone workers and contractors working on the roads and in the countryside of the North West.

This application was very successfully implemented by MobileDataUK in 2007. Using a suite of question sets available on browser or PDA, timely, reliable audit information is now captured accurately and consistently. The administrator can change the question sets at any time, which are pushed down to the PDA’s seamlessly providing the flexibility and control needed by United Utilities.

The audit or Inspection findings are fed back to the server and the system generates email and SMS alerts to managers for non-compliances found out in the field, and provides a workflow for ensuring the actions are completed. Reports can be generated ad hoc or scheduled at pre-determined times and sent to in-box’s. The reports show audit progress, outstanding actions and, crucially, non-compliances. This provides a complete audit solution rather than a simple data capture process.

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