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United Utilities: Electricity Division Tree-data capture using mobile software

As with the majority of data collection processes the previous United Utilities process for Tree Cutters was paper based. This brought all the expected problems associated with a system relying on manual input and interpretation of vital information. The previous system did not provide the accuracy and reliability needed in their demanding environment. Increasing H&S concerns and commitment to the public meant that it was paramount that the data collected on trees close to electricity lines was accurate and up to data and that any safety issues were reported back to the office immediately.

United Utilities sought a mobile solution which would accurately capture the information recorded by the tree cutters but would not mean expensive associated hardware costs.

MobileDataUK were contracted with providing a complete mobile system to capture data from the tree cutters in the North West. The system was not just about recording simple information in the field, but needed to be capable of holding complex serial numbers and data for 160,000 electricity poles.

This application was very successfully implemented by MobileDataUK in 2007. Using a suite of question sets available on mobile phones the cutters can easily identify the pole number, and input timely, consistent and reliable information on the tree status. The information on the phone is available even if there is not a mobile signal in the immediate area, which is a regular occurrence due to the nature of this work and remoteness of electricity poles. The information is stored and sent once the phone picks up a signal. The administrator can change the question sets at any time, which are pushed down to the mobile phones seamlessly providing the flexibility and control needed by United Utilities.

The findings are fed back to the server and the system generates reports to managers highlighting work progress, Health and Safety issues and data on when the tree should be revisited. This provides the accountability and visibility necessary to United Utilities and also assists with job flow processes. The sophisticated reporting suite means that reports can be generated ad hoc or scheduled at pre-determined times and sent to in-box’s. This provides a complete management solution rather than a simple data capture process.

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