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United Utilities Clean Water Audits

United Utilities Tree Data Collection

Touch Logistics

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Touch Logistics: Mobile software solution for Job Despatch and Logistics Management

Touch Logistics Ltd researched extensively for a sophisticated and reliable mobile job solution to help service their major clients.

Their previous voice based call handling system required a large call centre presence and led to Technicians spending long periods on the phone. Moving to an MDUK mobile solution has removed these significant costs.

The MDUK system provides them with:
• Timely, efficient and reliable transfer of jobs to their 180 engineers UK wide, utilising their existing mobile phones
• Constant visibility of job status resulting in excellent customer liaison and triggering timely billing to clients
• A mechanism to enable a wide range of part numbers, bar-codes and serial numbers to be captured and validated accurately on the mobile phones to initiate ordering and provide reliable asset and stock control.

The application, successfully implemented by MDUK, has provided Touch Logistics with an efficient solution which has provided complete visibility and accountability for their multi million pound service contracts and led to a dramatic cost reduction.

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