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Audits and inspections
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MDUK-Jobs solution allows dispatch of Jobs and capture of status information using Mobile Phones, Blackberries and PDA’s.
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Provides a reliable, timely and consistent method of capturing and recording field data. Solutions are available for a wide range of data collection requirements using existing mobile devices
Handheld Devices
Auditing Mobile


Mobile Software Solutions for Audits, Inspections and Risk Assessments

The unique MDUK-Audits and Inspection system allows structured audits or inspections to take place using a variety of mobile devices. Our proven solutions improve management control, visibility and efficiency of the Audit and Inspection Process. MDUK-Audits and Inspection workflow system generates non-compliances, alerts and exception reports. We provide a full suite of graphical reports which can be scheduled and delivered to mailboxes.This uniquely flexible system allows the client to change question sets seamlessly.
Health and Safety
The application is extremely easy for field staff and provides a business with complete visability of non-compliances and outstanding SHE actions. Our growing database for Audit and Inspection Solutions includes; United Utilities, Balfour Beatty and Morgan-Est.

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Email Alerts
Email Notifications
SMS Alerts
Photo Attachments
Signature Capture
Barcode / RFID tag Scanning
Sketch Tool
Auto-Dial of Phone Numbers
List Based Selections
Remote Over the air installation

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