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“The real-time nature of the system is impressive. Sometimes I click Submit with an Audit containing None Compliances and don’t even get back to my car before the agent has called me up to query the actions he has received”.

John Prout,
United Utilities
Clean Water Manager

Mobile Audits
Mobile Inspections

"What has changed is the flexibility and ownership we now have of the whole audit process. Question sets are standardised and changed by ourselves if need be and we have the confidence that all of our auditors out in the field are utilising the most up to date question set. We can see instantly the non-compliances, how long they are being taken to action and importantly those that are still outstanding. The sophisticated reporting system provided as part of the MDUK system provides a variety of reports on all aspects of the audit findings, which can be downloaded directly into our management reports. It took only a couple of months to implement and did not require lengthy or complex integration with our internal systems. The auditors have had no problem using the system and it has given us the confidence crucial in our industry to ensure audit information is visible, reliable and up to date."
John Prout, Clean Water Manager, United Utilities

“By far the best reporting system of any Audit and Inspection solution we have looked at”.
NGT SHE manager.

“The real beauty of the MDUK-Jobs system over the other jobs systems we have looked at is that we can use our existing Mobile Phones. This will save us a lot of money compared with our previous Jobs solution which used expensive PDA’s that we were forever replacing”.
Operations Manager, Touch Logistics.

“It’s very easy to use, our users have taken to it quickly”.
Steve Holland, United Utilities Quality Management team.

“Our supervisors use their mobile phones to complete an Audit when they are on site waiting for something else to happen. They always have their phone with them”.
Mark Hutchings, United Utilities Electricity SHE Manager.

“The support from MDUK is always friendly and efficient. Nothing is too much trouble”.
Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions.

“Ben, you are a star. The report you provided for me gives me exactly what I need without having to mess about in Excel. It used to take me hours to collect my management reports, now I get them delivered to Outlook”.
Karen, United Utilities Quality Management.

“We collect part number information about collected and delivered parts on Mobile Phones using MDUK-Jobs. The powerful forms allow us to select a part from a list of Product Codes and then validate the technician entered part number against a product code mask. So we know that we always have good inventory data.

“We handle around 1,000 Jobs per day through the MDUK-Jobs System. It now means our technicians spend less time on the phone and reduces our call centre man hours. And out customers can see exactly where we are up with their faults”
Touch Logistics Inventory Manager.

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