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nursing pda software

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Nursing PDA Software

Our Nursing pda software allows Mobile Clinical Audits, Maintenance and Inspections within hospitals and provides real-time visibility of Health and Safety risks, leading to improved patient outcomes.

Clinical audits and inspections can be conducted easily and quickly using using nursing pda software on mobile devices or the web eliminating the need for large amounts of paperwork and administration effort.

Non-Compliances and safety risk alerts can be generated automatically depending upon the severity of the risk. Reporting is generated systematically providing data on all aspects of the audit process and detailing outstanding actions and risks through to action closure.

As well as Clinical Health and Safety audits the nursing pda software can be used to administer any other questionnaires/surveys within the Corporate Risk Management Service, as well as other Trust users, including Patient Surveys, Collection of Contract Monitoring Information, Patient Safety Reports, Matronís Observations of Care, Hand Hygiene Audit.

The MobileDataUK nursing pda solution is guaranteed to reduce process times, administration costs and enhance service delivery.

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